Futbol Now is One of the Best and Most Comprehensive New Football Apps for Football Fans and Betting Aficionados










World football (soccer) is a massive sport. It’s arguably the most popular sport in the world. There are a hundreds of leagues, tons of teams, and thousands upon thousands of players. It’s almost an act of futility keeping track of all of them. Luckily, today we will cover Futbol Now, one of the most comprehensive all in one football app which covers over 500+ football leagues & teams across the globe.

What is Futbol Now?

Futbol Now is a website, iOS & Android app which features football information about games, leagues, teams, stats, betting odds and more all in one app. Suitable for any football fan, it allows to follow news and information from over 500 leagues and teams in the world.

How you can make use of it?

Once you open the app you can view games that are going to be played that day or you can follow live games. For each game you follow you can get detailed stats and updates along with odds for betting. The thing we loved about Futbol Now is that the available betting odds are much more thorough and numerous when compared to other similar apps.

Additionally, for more in-depth statistics you can explore the clubs and games by league. This allows you to see stats, schedule, history of clashes between teams, stats about certain player and so much more. The most famous leagues like the Premier League and LaLiga are of course there, but there are leagues from literally every continent.

Within the app there is also a football news section where you can follow the latest news happening in world football.

At the end, Futbol Now offers all in one experience for football fans or users that bet on football matches. Try it for free!

Website: Futbol Now

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