Jane is a Useful and Intuitive Tool for Cannabis Growers










There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of cannabis-related apps available today for use on smartphones and tablets. Many of them are buggy, poor imitations of better products, or just downright useless! However, some of these apps can be quite useful. We looked and we found one intuitive and highly useful app for all cannabis growers out there that need help and guidance to successfully grow their cannabis plants. Let’s discuss about this plant grower helper.

What is this app about?

Jane is a useful and intuitive tool especially designed for plant growers. The plant grower helper is developed for both IOS and android users and it offers variety of features like logs, reminders, fertilizers, grow logs and much more to help you successfully grow your plants from seed to harvest. Ideal for cannabis growers, this amazing plant growing app will guide through the whole harvest process and help you take your cannabis growing skills to a new level.

Why do we love it?

With this intuitive plant grower helper you can easily create plants and environments just by tapping the + button you can create a plant environment and enter the plant info. Select between indoor or outdoor, define lighting and exposure data, creating as much cannabis plants and environments as you like depending on your preferences. Keep track of everything to do with your plants to perfectly grow your plants and to avoid forgetting important details. Create as much grow logs as you want to keep track of everything. Easily set reminders to water and feed your plants, managing the growth smartly and planning everything to successfully grow the plants. Take photos and create notes for each plant and keep them securely and privately on your device. Simple and secure cannabis growing is offered to you with guidance and help to grow your plants with success from seed to harvest.

Download the app for free on App Store (it’s also available on Google Play) to grow your plants successfully from seed to harvest!