Remote Control Your Car with Your iPhone

Technology is meant to make life easy, and this is not further from the truth with the ability to control your vehicle from your phone no matter how far you are from it. You can forget the worry of not knowing whether you locked your car or not if you install an iPhone app that is integrated with your phone to give you full control of your car.

Remote controls have been in existence for a long time, but the Apple Company wants to take it a notch higher by introducing accessory control with Geo-fencing, a system that will allow the driver to control the car functions according to their location. The doors will open when the driver moves away or closer for a certain distance among other functions like igniting the engine. As we wait for the system by the Apple Company to hit the market, let us look at some of the apps that you can use to have full control of your vehicle.

Apple’s CarPlay

You can connect your iPhone to your in-car system and use it to make calls, write messages, and get GPS locations using your smartphone’s voice-activated assistant. All you need is a reliable source of internet connection that is not affected by unseen factors while you are driving. For this internet coverage, you can engage service providers like Eyeride online to provide your car with strong Wi-Fi to ensure that you are well-connected anywhere you go.

Apple’s CarPlay app is compatible with some car models such as Ferrari, Honda, Volvo, Hyundai, and Mercedes Benz. Apple, however, is looking to see if the service can become compatible with models from other manufacturers.

Viper SmartStart

This app is one of the best car security apps and it is easy to use. You just need to install it on your smartphone to get accurate GPS locations among other functions. You can also control multiple cars using the same account, and this makes it possible to run your fleet business. It can also be used by multiple users to control a single car, which makes it great for a family or commercial car.


This app is on the market, and you just need to install it on your smartphone to utilize it. The system integrates a multi-function controller (MFC) on your car to enable you to perform functions such as obtaining GPS locations, starting the engine, rolling the windows up or down, opening convertible tops, and turning on your stereo.

My Smart Remote

The app is similar to Connect2Car app in most of its functions. What sets it apart is that you can use this system even with older car models. You need to download this app on your smartphone to use it. It gives you security because even if a thief was to access your password, you would have to give approval for the car to start which makes it be among the best security apps.


All the above car apps cost a few dollars to install and operate, and just like other accessories for your car, security apps should be among the priority. These apps increase your car security, offer you a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, and make things far easier and more convenient for you.