App of the Day – Brainwaves — Binaural Beats

If you are feeling stressed, have problems sleeping and if you are generally feeling overwhelmed, adding meditation and binaural beats music into your daily routine can be of great help. That’s why today, we will recommend and cover one of the best brainwave & binaural beats iPhone app – Brainwaves — Binaural Beats.

Quick Intro

Designed to help you sleep better, relax and focus, Brainwaves — Binaural Beats brings you 400+ brainwave programs. Rated with average of 4.5 and being featured as #1 binaural beats app in 32 countries, this is truly one of the highest quality binaural beats apps.

Why you’ll love it?

This app is both quality and versatile, which is crucial for brainwave apps. The team behind it is The Unexplainable Store, who are one of the rare brainwave specialists providing brainwave entertainment for nearly 20 years.

All isochronic tones and binaural beats are enhanced with ambient music and nature sounds and are 320 bitrate. More than 400 programs are divided in various cateogories like Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep, White Noise and more. Make sure you explore the app before going for one program – there are some really amazing ones.

As you may already know, the expected benefits of daily listening of brainwaves are vast. So, if you are ready to add them to your lifestyle, Brainwaves  — Binaural Beats is indeed a top choice. It’s high quality, neatly organized, and gives you tones of great choices for different needs. The app is free, and all brainwave recordings feature samples. To use the app without limits, it costs $9.99 a month or just $59.99 a year.