LG Introduces the G8S ThinQ

LG officially introduces the more affordable G8S ThinQ model. It will be on sale this month in select markets. Compared to the current flagship model, the G8 ThinQ, it packs mostly the same camera and hardware configurations. Just like the G8 ThinQ, the device also has ToF or Time of Flight sensor. Depending on the market, the G8 ThinQ has two or three cameras on the back. However, the G8S ThinQ has triple cameras on the back for all markets. Starting from this month, the G8S ThinQ will be available in Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe. There’s no confirmation about the retail price, but LG will announce pricing locally for each region.

Despite being designated as a more affordable model, the G8S ThinQ actually has some hardware upgrades. While the G8 ThinQ uses 6.1-inch P-OLED display, the G8S has 6.2-inch OLED display. The G8S also has slightly larger battery output at 3,550mAh, compared to 3,500mAh for the G8. However, the triple-camera configuration of the G8S slightly slower at 12MP/MP/13MP, compared to G8 with 12MP/16MP/12MP. It means that the G8 ThinQ still has slightly better performance when capturing ultra-wide photos. The notch of the G8S ThinQ also seems bigger compared to the original flagship model. If you are interested in buying the G8S ThinQ, it will be available in three color options, Mirror White, Mirror Teal and Mirror Black.

Other than ToF, the G8S will also still have the unique biometric recognition technology, the Hand ID. It uses infrared sensor to scan the blood circulation patterns of your right or left hands. You can unlock the phone by hovering you hand over the display of the device. With the Air Motion feature, you can also do certain gestures to make G8 and G8S ThinQ to do some tasks. The 8Mp selfie camera of both has 137-degree field of view, so it should be ideal for decent group photos.