Make a Positive Contribution to Social Media With ‘Awesome’

Every now and again we sit and think, how can I make a positive contribution? Not to change someone’s life but enough of a contribution that they will remember the good deed and want to make a contribution of their own. We tend to use social media a lot and often come across very negative stuff. It would be great if social media is used in a positive way. Awesome is a new social media app that’s hoping to create positive vibes.

It’s all about greatness and being helpful to people. The app encourages you to raise awareness for a great cause and be positive in life, helping people and doing good.  You can earn ‘Awesome’ points by sharing a post and these points you can use to unlock more features. Awesome gives you the tools and resources to spread positivity in the world. Awesome is centered around you and you can join and complete challenges based on your interests. You can then share your experience with friends and family.

You start by creating an account, then select your top 5 interests. The app will then suggest challenges for you to accept. Challenges such as be a reading volunteer, donate blood or even do a closet clean-out. Just by signing up you will earn 1800 points. The more challenges you complete the more points you earn. Volunteer to read to a class will earn you 4000 points. You have the option to add photos which will earn you even more. If you are not brave enough, then you can invite your friends to do the challenges with you.

Awesome is still a social media platform with all the features such as interacting with friends, posting messages, video and pictures. The twist is that Awesome promotes positivity and good vibes.

The app is free to download on iOS and Google Play.