Qualcomm Introduces 215 SoC for Low-Cost Smartphones

Qualcomm is determined to continue competing with the likes of Samsung and MediaTek when it comes to internal hardware for entry-level devices. The US-based chip maker has just revealed its latest SoC aimed at budget-friendly models, the 215. Compared to the earlier 212 SoC, the new 215 should provide roughly 50 percent increased performance. It is the first 64-bit chipset for low-end smartphones, which should translate in better device longevity and performance boost. The 215 is a quad-core SoC with four ARM Cortex A53 cores with up to 1.3GHz clock speed. The graphics processing unit is Adreno 308 and it has support for dual-camera configuration.

On the gaming sides of things, the Adreno 308 GPU could deliver nearly a 30 percent uptick in general graphics performance. However, the 215 still uses the old 28nm manufacturing method, so it won’t be as efficient compared to newer 14nm, 10nm and 7nm SoCs. Other features that come with the 215 are support for eMMC 4.5 removable storage, 3GB of RAM and GPS/GLONASS. NFC will allow for Google Pay transactions at thousands of retail stores around the world. The built-in X5 LTE Cat. 4 modem offers 50Mbps uplink and 150Mbps downlink, which are fast enough for any casual user. The 215 should allow for decent entry-level smartphone models with 13Mp camera, HD+ display resolution, 1080p video capture, NFC payments and dual VoLTE for dual-SIM. Also, the SoC makes it possible for manufacturers to include fast charging feature, with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. It would be 75 percent faster to charge the device, compared to traditional method. It’s expected that first devices with 215 SoC will be available commercially in latter months of 2019, so that’s quite soon.

The Qualcomm 215 SoC is affordable enough for devices at $100 price point. Once it becomes widespread in the market, the 215 will be a major boost in performance and features in entry-level market segment.