[Upcoming Game] Extnt is Sophisticated Maze Puzzle for the True Fans of Minimalist & Hard Puzzles

There is rarely a better feeling for logic puzzle fans than solving a puzzle successfully. Anyone who played or plays logic maze puzzles knows it. Today, we are announcing Extnt, a new, exciting logic puzzle game that will be published in the next couple of months.

What it is?

Extnt is an upcoming 2D maze ball game available for iOS & Android in which you need to find the fastest exit path. Based on a circular maze gameplay, the logic quest will challenge your mind with sophisticated procedural maze generation (each maze is unique).


Besides its original maze based gameplay, Extnt is original because of its lovely ambience and soundtrack, global ranking system, 4 advanced types of control (multiple distinct perspectives), and generally a dynamic complexity that will challenge even the smartest and most advanced logic maze puzzle players.

Extnt blends complex challenges packed in a stunning & sophisticated scenery and graphics which we predict will be adored by almost any puzzle game fan.

This new gem in the maze ball puzzle gaming niche will be launched in the following months. Make sure you stay updated and learn more about the game on its official website.