Likely Details of Four 2020 iPhone Models

For the 2020 launch event, Apple will launch three new iPhone models with 5G connectivity. There will be the fourth model for entry-level users. At the moment, we could just be a few months away from the official launch of the iPhone 11, although Apple hasn’t confirmed such a name yet. Rumors related to upcoming iPhone models largely focus on Apple’s belated adoption of 5G data connectivity. Of course, there are other details that we could discuss as well. As an example, whether the sequel of the iPhone XR will use the regular LCD display or the more sophisticated OLED panel. Even so, it is quite likely that three new 2020 iPhone models will have OLED display.

There’s still no confirmation about display sizes, but it could be 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. We could point out that although it is unlikely for Apple to radically redesign the iPhone, the company may completely eliminate the controversial notch or at least shrink it significantly. This will definitely improve visual appeal of the device and increase the display-to-bezel ratio. J.P. Morgan says that at least two of the 2020 OLED iPhone models will have Time of Flight camera feature.

It’s no secret that global sales of iPhone are declining, as consumers are becoming more certain that flagship Android devices are good enough competitors. However, with major improvements for 2020 iPhone models, shipment may bounce back next year. It’s still a mystery how the 2020 entry-level iPhone model would look like. However, it may have the smallest display at 4.7-inch or a bit bigger. There won’t be fancy features like 5G connectivity and 3D facial sensors. It is very early to talk about their price points, but the three OLED models would certainly be at high-end pricing category and the entry-level iPhone device is probably comparable in pricing with middle-range Android models.