Game of the Day – Amazing Endless Walls

We always appreciate new and interesting gameplays! That’s why today we recommend a great new endless arcade game in the name of Amazing Endless Walls. This iOS & Android arcader combines endless runners and shape puzzle challenges into one packed in a 3D environment for maximum entertainment.

Basic Intro & How To Play

In Amazing Endless Walls you are playing with a group of cubes. You need to manage this group of cubes to pass the walls in the appropriate slots. This means that each wall has holes for them, you just need to organize them accordingly.

The controls are super easy and responsive which makes the game even more enjoyable. Tap on the appropriate side to move the cube where you want. If you tap and hold the cube will move faster, which is handy when you need to make quick moves.

While you play, you can collect coins. You can use these coins to unlock other cute cube characters as well. The dice rolling game is accompanied with cute animations, truly hard challenges that will test both your reflexes and quick thinking and uplifting soundtrack.

At the end of the day if you are looking for something fresh, unique and fun, Amazing Endless Walls is a great option.