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If you are a beer lover that likes to explore breweries so you can taste crafted beer, then you probably know how hard it can be to discover breweries around you to visit. However, nowadays there is an app for almost anything, so why not use an app to help you discover breweries and connect with fellow beer lovers. We looked and we found one incredible breweries navigator for you to discover craft breweries around you and across the country. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is this app about?

Brewee is an incredible breweries navigator which is developed for IOS and android users, quite simple for using and practical and helpful, offering you all the features you need so you can explore and discover craft breweries in your area and across the country. Become a part of the community of fellow beer enthusiasts and take your love of beer to the next level. Explore breweries, share experiences and connect with beer lovers.

Why do we choose Brewee?

Taste a crafted beer all around the world. The app offers a largest database of breweries and a community of beer enthusiasts who share their experiences with others. Explore and discover craft breweries in your area and across the country. Tap into an extensive database and join thousands of beer lovers who are visiting and rating local breweries. This app gives you the easiest and quickest way to find breweries near you. You will find also hundreds of thousands real visitor reviews and because the app has a great cooperation with breweries, its able to better understand beer drinkers. Track your activity and share you experience. Access breweries in real time in your area and also new breweries are added every week. Visit breweries and review them, sharing your experiences with other beer enthusiasts.

Download the app for free now on App Store and Google Play to take your love of beer to the next level!

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