Drunk Locker is the App You Need If You Plan to Get Drunk Soon












Do you know those pitiful and ultra-frustrating moments when you send a drunk text or post on social media when you can barely think straight and stand on your feet? We all hate them, and with the app, we will cover today – Drunk Locker – you will have a tool that will help you completely eliminate those moments and save yourself from embarrassment.

Simple, yet handy

Once you download Drunk Locker the app is pretty straightforward. You need to set an app lock code to enter the app. Then, it will request a specific time when you want certain apps to be locked (for example when you know you will go out, lock specific apps for 12 hours).

The key feature of the app is what follows. You can easily add unlocking steps in the form of logical questions and general knowledge which will appear if you still want to unlock the locked apps when you drunk.

This will stop you to unlock and use the apps that can do damage to your well-being and social appearance when you are drunk (Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Once the time of locking expires, your selected apps will again become available to use. The app works flawlessly, and it doesn’t take too much space or RAM memory. It is a lightweight, yet powerful tool.