Screenshot Creator is a Feature-Rich Screenshot Maker for Mobile App Developers


The fast, reliable and feature-rich screenshot apps are very hard to find these days. So let’s talk about one of the best on the Mac App Store called Screenshot Creator that will offer you all that and much more. It’s so easy to use that anyone can master it in no time.

Simplify your work

As a developer, you should probably know that having high-quality screenshots is one of the keys to success. Screenshot Creator definitely has the tools to help you create great screenshots. It will simplify your work because all you need to do is dragging the screenshots you have made with your smartphone and this app will automatically resize and frame them. You just need to add captions.

Showcase your creativity

There are so many features on this app that you will spend hours and hours just trying them out. You will be able to make your customizable background colors and images. That means you will have a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and display your app (or your client’s app) in the best way possible!

There is the option to choose any font you will install on your Mac. You will also get landscape and portrait screenshot framing help. With that, your margin of error will be put to a minimum. Another feature is the option to reorder and merge the screenshots that you have made with your device. In the end, you can even undo and redo everything you have made.

Currently, you can pick from 10+ phone frames including the most popular iPhones and Android devices with more being added. Try it for free on the App Store.