LegacyofLove Parent Journal is a Memories Keeper for Multi Generation Legacy












Want to keep memories and milestones of your growing child or teen? Read on, as LegacyofLove is one of the best new journal & memory keeper apps. It can help you keep important memories, moments, videos with your kids and so much more.

Basic Intro

LegacyofLove is an advanced journal and memory keeper app which offers tons of handy features for parents and grandparents to capture memories and leave lessons for future generations. It is described as the “world’s #1 person-to-person journaling app”.

How can you make use of it?

Overall the app is pretty straightforward and intuitive filled with tons of handy and unique features. We loved the auto age calculation feature, which basically automatically calculates the age of you and your child/children. This enables you to look back on the entries with context.

You can record videos, save and edit photos, add audio and voice mails, tag entries, create milestones and more. All of your content can be shared to the additional scribers (spouse, grandparents) which you can easily invite. Everything you add or create is easily viewable on the milestone timeline.

Some use cases of the app are for example interviews or videos recorded on the end of primary school, high school, college, end of the year, etc.

At the end of the day LegacyofLove is a great and helpful tool that is packed with tons of unique features that can help you in your parenting and guidance of your kids, and add warmness, soul and nostalgia in your family.