Vervo is the Best Goal & Habit Creator and Tracker We Tried in a While

We can never seem to have enough productivity and self-improvement apps, can we? Now largely thanks to app markets, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download a free goal creation & tracking app to help them stay accountable and on track with their habits almost anywhere they go.

If you have hard time with keeping enough self-discipline all on your own to stick to your goals, a goal setting app might really help. Today we will cover one of the very best we tried in a while – Vervo.

The story about Vervo

The creators of the app are Dr. Adam and Glenda Solomon, husband and wife who had difficulty in finding a simple goal creating, tracking and sharing app. After months of research on the psychological effects of tech and their relationship with goal tracking and commitment, and a longer period of testing, Vervo was born. After a period of personal user for their own goals, Vervo is finally available for the public and it is completely free without subscriptions or ads.

Why is it amazing?

– simplicity of creating goals and inviting users

– ability to add themes, photos and share any of the goals with friends or the public

– beautiful cards for each goal

– the public goals are a great source of inspiration to create your own goals

– each goal card features additional tools like: to-do lists, useful links, diary, readings related to the goal

– completely free app

Beautiful, neat, and scientifically backed to help you focus towards achieving your goals and habits, Vervo is a must-try planner, goal tracker and goal creating tool!