Android VPN: Protect your device with Surfshark VPN

VPN is a service to send and receive Internet data on your behalf. Data traffic is encrypted and only parties on both ends of the connection could access and read it. People with malicious intentions may find it nearly impossible to intercept and break the encryption. Among many mobile VPN services, Surfshark VPN is one of the most capable. First operational in 2018, the service is growing quickly. Reliable speed and connection are assured by more than 800 servers located in more than 50 data centers. It works well for downloading torrent securely and unblocking Netflix US in certain countries. Surfshark has passed a security audit by the renowned web security firm, Cure53, which includes a thorough assessment of browser extensions.

For improved privacy, Surfshark doesn’t keep activity or connectivity logs. It could be considered a breach of personal privacy if a VPN provider keeps these logs. It means, people can’t use logs to track you down and compromise your digital security. Another important fact is that Surfshark has no past scandals and it has a clean track record. At the moment, many VPN services have controversial cases related to security issues.

Surfshark is a cross-platform service that works on Android OS, Windows, iOS, macOS, and FireTV. Since its early release, the Android app of Surfshark has undergone significant changes. The interface is clean and uncluttered, which is helpful if you use a smartphone with a smaller display. There’s a main button within the interface that allows you to quickly connect or disconnect with the VPN server. On the top left corner of the interface, you could click the gear-shaped icon to open the Settings menu. Inside there are various specialized features that could optimize VPN experience.

Surfshark VPN comes with four important security features:

  • Kill Switch: It’s a feature that you should enable by default. It prevents your IP address from being discovered if the VPN service is somehow disconnected due to certain reasons.
  • CleanWeb: A trackware and malware blocker tool that’s highly effective. It could automatically stop various threats from harming your Android device.
  • WhiteLister: It’s based on the Split Tunneling technology. Based on your permission, you may make some apps and websites to automatically bypass the VPN connection.
  • MultiHop: Also known as Double VPN, it is a powerful feature to confuse even the most persistent tracker. MultiHop bounces your Internet connection through multiple VPN servers for more comprehensive protection against sniffing.

Surfshark promises responsive customer support with 24/7 live chat. They help you to address any glitch quickly. The support team seems to be competent at solving issues and they don’t push canned responses to your queries. They answer things straight and don’t add to the confusion. Surfshark could effectively unblock Netflix US in certain countries. However, there could be repeated bans by VoD services in the United States. To address this issue, Surfshark is adding new servers constantly. You can contact the live chat support team to get information about the best server to access Netflix. Most VPN services refuse to reveal their basic information. You can download Surfshark VPN for free.

As a conclusion, Surfshark is one of the best VPN services out there and it offers various affordable choices, starting from $1.99/month. With Surfshark, you can check all the boxes, depending on your requirements and personal budgets. You can unblock Netflix, download torrents anonymously and ensure your digital privacy. Surfshark prevents IP address leakage and supports many platforms. It’s even possible for users to get unlimited simultaneous VPN connections, which quite rare in the industry. .