FlexClip Video Editor Review – Creates Video in the Simplest Way Possible

Today, video editing is a trend that unites more and more users. This is due to the fact that thanks to smartphones and new technologies, anyone can make videos without knowing some elusive tricks of this professional work. The merit also goes to programs to edit videos, such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, software that allows you to apply a myriad of special effects, and to edit any movie in the most original ways. Unfortunately, however, these programs have a strong limit, they are heavy, often paid and obviously complex enough to use. So today we will introduce an easy-to-use video editor, FlexClip, which allows you to edit a video directly on the net.

Description: FlexClip is one of the easiest online resources with powerful editing functions and a decent amount of ready-made templates. The interface looks as simple and clear as possible, and all operations are performed using dragging and dropping. Anyway, it helps you turn your photos, video clips and audios into the movie with minimal effort.

Price: Free.

How to quickly create videos with FlexClip:

1) Sign in FlexClip with Facebook and Google account

To create a video with FlexClip, all you have to do is register with your Facebook and Google account. So you can go to the “My projects” screen and press the “+” button located on the left side of the screen.

2) Upload your own video clips or choose a template from FlexClip.com

If you’ve decided to upload your own photos, video, and audios, you can just press the start from “scratch from scratch” button to open the FlexClip editor. You can also use one of the predefined templates provided by FlexClip to speed up the video creation process.

3) Organize materials and customize the video

While the video/photo is uploaded to the site, the user can organize materials and choose to customize the video. You will find that the service is extremely simple in the aspect of cutting, splitting and merging the different sections. And you can arrange all the materials in the order you prefer by an intuitive and clear storyboard. Then you are available to select the Status icon from the “wheel” on the right to access tools such as adding text and logo to the video. Besides, you can also press on the icon of the musical to choose the music to use as a background (choose some songs included in the FlexClip’s service or a song from your local library) and eventually add a narration by pressing the microphone icon.

4) Preview and download the video

If you want to see how the downloaded video will look like, just click Preview Video. If you are satisfied with the final result of the video, you can proceed to the next step by clicking Download video. After some waiting time, the system will generate a video that can be saved in a modern  MP4 format and could share the video in social networks.

Final words

All in all, this service is incredibly fast. Its interface is very intuitive and allows you to cut videos, add caption texts, insert background music quickly and without having previous experience in the field of video making. If you want to understand how to edit a video online without suffering too much, I believe FlexClip will help you a lot.