The Blik – Redefine your secure messaging

Would you like to have a secure chat that doesn’t require phone numbers, email addresses or sharing any kind personal data? Well, if you want all that we all that, then we offer you this unique app called The Blik. Messenger app that doesn’t allow your address to be shared with other contacts that you don’t know! Only a person that has The Blik can contact you!

How to use The Blik

Establishing communication is very simple. All you need is to generate blik code and use the share button. Share the code with the person you want to chat. Once she or he accepts your private messenger communication can begin. The same thing applies for the group chat too.

You have complete control and privacy

Be careful and share the generated code only with those people you want to talk. If someone is bothering you and you want to delete or block him, you can do that by simply deleting the blik id you gave them. It’s that simple. They won’t be able to contact you ever again. And last but not least your whole data is encrypted!

Try this amazing messaging app and start your private and secure chat right now!