TOTLE is a Popular News App with Its Own Digital Currency

Do you want to follow the latest trendy videos and news in one app? Additionally, do you want to own assets like tokens to make purchases online? The app we will cover today – TOTLE will enable you just that! Read more about how you can make use of it.

TOTLE – General Intro

At its core, TOTLE is a news aggregator and wallet of TOTLE Tokens (TOT) app where users can discover and enjoy the latest trendy news from popular platforms and websites like YouTube, People Magazine, Google, Facebook, and so on.

In a simple UI with a sleek design, users can simply scroll to discover relevant and fun videos and news from the most popular sites.

Within the wallet section, you can buy TOTLE Tokens which are powered by Ethereum. Till October 7 you can purchase them for exclusive early-adopter awards and when the TOTLE Merchantnetwork is officially launched you can purchase across the internet with the TOTLE media app. To follow the updates about the TOTLE Tokens, you can follow the updates here.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and you can try it for free, while 1 TOTLE Token costs $7 and if you purchase it a wallet will be created.