App of the Day – Swayer

Do you hesitate about important decisions? Do you want to get honest opinions from people about those decisions? Our today’s App of the Day – Swayer can be of extreme help. And it can be a great support guiding you through daily decisions.

The easy and relevant way to get opinions

Whether it is a clothing dilemma, movie dilemma, or a personal hair style dilemma, Swayer can help you in hundreds of instances. In order to make use of this easy to use opinion getter, you need to simply create a pool by adding a question and 3 images. Then your friends will receive a notification to vote and after the voting ends you will receive the results.

Anonymous answers for maximum honesty

As a poll creator you determine the time of the poll, meaning you can use it for quick decisions too, like what to wear at night. Additionally, the answers in Swayer are anonymous making the app extremely handy to get honest opinions.

At the end of the day, all it’s left from you is to ask the question. You will get relevant opinions from the people you care about and make decisions based on comparing various results. Swayer is available for free on the App Store.