Pixel 4 Will Have Gesture Controls and Face Unlock Based on Motion-Sensing Radar

There are a lot of interests for the Pixel 4 smartphone and Google has confirmed some of its features, face unlock and gesture controls. The company has been developing a motion-sensing radar, called Soli to detect planes and various large-sized objects. Google manages to put a smaller version of Soli on top of the Pixel 4, so it will sense small motions. With advanced hardware and special software algorithm, it is possible for Pixel 4 to recognize gestures and detect nearby users. Google claims that the Pixel 4 will be the first phone with Soli. Just by waving hands, users can tell Pixel 4 to do many tasks, such as silencing phone calls, snoozing alarms and skipping songs. However, Google said that the Motion Sense technology is only available in select countries.

Another new feature for the Pixel 4 is the face unlock technology. Thanks to Soli, Pixel 4 could easily recognize user’s face in a more streamlined way. With current face unlock technology, users need to pose in front of the camera and wait for a moment. Soli could much more easily sense user’s face for immediate unlock. Google says that the feature could recognize faces, regardless of orientation and of how users hold the phone. With face recognition, it’s also easier to authenticate payments.

The search giant assures the security of this technology. Biometrics data will never leave the phone and won’t be shared by any Google services. The Titan M security chip stores all the biometrics data for local processing. If this technology really works, it should be a much more reliable and faster way to unlock the phone than regular fingerprint sensor or current face unlock technology. Google promises that they will officially introduce the phone in fall and it should arrive on the market in October.