Dockit is a Useful App to Manage Your Calendar, Create Events and Discover Social Experiences

Missing a great event in your city is always bad. We all hate that. Today we will cover an app that will help you to never miss anything important and to organize events in an easy way. We are talking about Dockit – the social calendar app.

Dockit Basic Intro

Dockit is an event calendar app for iOS, Android & Web that provides you with event creation, event management with personal calendar and event discovery features. Designed as an event creator and organizer app, the app gives you great social features to organize your life and never miss any fun social experience around you.

How to make use of it?

Once you create your account, you will be led to your home page. Since you are a new user, it will be empty. From there you can start searching for events near your location for any day you desire. Then you can also sync your calendar, and organize your days if there is an upcoming event you want to attend to.

From the main menu you can create an event. We loved the simple process of creation and the amount of data you can enter. All the events you create can be private or public (events that can be discovered in Dockit main discovery page). This means that you can use Dockit both as a personal event organizer and public events organizer when you are in the role of a manager or a promoter.

This event calendar app is definitely a handy tool for anyone who likes or organizes social experiences. The intuitive UI, convenient performance and solid user base are making it a handy addition to anyone’s app list.