How to Unlock iPhone – iPhone Approved Unlock review

Ever thought about getting an iPhone unlock completed on your iPhone? It crosses loads of people’s mind but often people never make the jump as they are worried about the legitimacy and effectiveness of certain methods and operators.

There are quite a few ways to unlock your iPhone, and these offer varying degrees of success and value for money. You can try ‘Jailbreaking’ your iPhone for free, but we often hear horror stories including broken iPhones and stolen details, not to mention it instantly invalidates your warranty. You could try your local iPhone repair shop, the quality of service ranges greatly in these places but generally, they’ll be able to unlock your iPhone at an okay price. One thing you’ll have to do is leave your iPhone with them whilst the unlock is completed, which usually takes 24-48hrs, imagine being without your phone for 48hrs!

We think the most convenient and safest way to unlock your iPhone is by using an online IMEI unlocking service. IMEI unlocking work’s by whitelisting your device in Apple’s own database, meaning your iPhone is permanently unlocked without affecting the performance or security in any way. Like the high-street mobile repair shops, quality and speed of service with these online services can vary greatly so it’s important to shop around and do your research. Luckily we’ve done all the hard work for you, and we think the best iPhone IMEI unlock service is

Unlocking your iPhone with are a UK based IMEI unlocking service. They promise to unlock pretty much any Apple device, and they have some handy additional services like an iCloud activation unlock and a network check service which you can use to confirm if your iPhone is locked, and if so to what network.

iPhone Approved Unlock let us know their most popular customer requests are to unlock iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, this information suggests people want to unlock slightly older devices once their contract duration has elapsed, perhaps preparing iPhone’s to sell as well as unlocking a bargain locked iPhone they may have bought locally or online. Prices for a locked iPhone 7 online start at just £19.99, that represents a massive saving!

How to Unlock iPhone with

Unlock iPhone 12 with
Unlock iPhone 12 with

iPhone Approved Unlock offers a completely remote, over the air unlocking service. If you visit their site you’ll see they ask for the IMEI number, what network the iPhone is locked to, and the country. To find the IMEI number just type *#06# on your iPhone’s keypad, and the IMEI number should appear – you can also find the IMEI number on either the back of the device or on the SIM tray depending on the model. Once we provided this basic information and entered our payment information we were sent an email where we could track our order. Shortly after we were sent another confirmation email stating that our iPhone was unlocked. It can’t be that easy, can it?

Well as it turned out, pretty much yes. All they said we needed to do was insert a SIM card in from another network and restart the phone whilst connected to a Wi-Fi network (so that Apple can tell the iPhone it’s now ready to live a free life). The iPhone booted up as normal, and accepted our new SIM card, the device’s performance has not been affected, it works just like it did when it was locked except we can now put any SIM card we want in from other networks both in the UK and local SIM cards when traveling abroad, which is amazing to avoid restrictive roaming data limits.

What if I want to unlock my iPhone whilst in a Contract?

If you have an iPhone under contract you can still get your iPhone unlocked! You may have to pay a small additional fee but’s it’s still great value. Just think of the savings you’ll claw back from shopping around other networks for the best deal for you. We opted to unlock iPhone 12 during our testing on a UK network. Our iPhone 7 had no ongoing contract against it, meaning we secured the base to unlock the price of £14.99! Prices can vary depending on country, network, and model, but not by much.

IMEI unlocking doesn’t affect your iPhone warranty.