Off-Remote Computer Shutdown – Control a Mac or Windows PC with Just One Click

Have you ever left your computer turned on an entire night just because you were lazy and you didn’t want to get out of the bed and shut it down? Or you were just waiting for some movie or a game to download or some installation process to complete but it took too long and you left it on even after the process has finished? For that purpose, today we will cover one of the best remote controllers on the App Store – Off-Remote Computer Shutdown.

Incredibly easy to use

For this remote control app to work, you have to first download and install Off-Remote Computer Shutdown app on both your Windows/Mac and iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch or Android.. This app can remotely turn off any computer on your network by using your iPhone or iPad. Just open the app and select the computer you want to shut down. Tested by us, it works smoothly and the overall UI is super simple.

Saves time

With Off Remote Computer Shutdown you will save time and money on your electrical bill by simply controlling your Mac or computer with one button on your iPhone/iPad. Also, this is the free version of Off. If you are satisfied with the product you can buy the upgraded version where you will have more advanced options.

So, don’t wait any longer and download this unique and free computer shutdown remote control app. It’s also available for Apple Watch.