LG Will Launch the Dual Screen V60 ThinQ on September 6

LG has confirmed when they will release the new flagship with dual-screen design, specifically the LG V60 ThinQ 5G. The South Korean company may release the device on September 6 at the IFA Berlin event. However, LG hasn’t confirmed the name of the device. The company posted a 20-second invitational video for the 6 September event. LG’s Dual Screen design is quite simple. For heavy gaming purposes, users can easily slap the device on for double the display actions. For typical multitasking, it has a general side-by-side design. Basically, it’s a simple and low-cost response from LG to the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. With this design, LG can still offer similar flexibility of an actual foldable device, although it’s somewhat less seamless.

For the moment, LG already offer V50 ThinQ with its clip-on screen accessory to simulate the Dual Screen design. However, the company hasn’t offered the accessory for consumers in the United States. With the V60 ThinQ, it’s quite likely that everyone will get flexible dual display design from LG. What’s more interesting is that the V60 ThinQ will have a third display as well. It’s a smaller external panel that allows users to check date, time, notifications, calendar items and other basic information quickly without draining too much power. Another important detail is that the V60 ThinQ will be a gaming-oriented device, but LG hasn’t provided enough details on that. LG also promises on Facebook and Instagram that the device will “transform your everyday”. If we examine the invitational video more closely, there seems to be a transparent display on top of the primary display that will fold out before you activate it.

In the end, the V60 ThinQ may not be entirely groundbreaking for a multi-display device, but it might be a more robust and reliable solution, compared to the problematic Samsung Galaxy Fold.