Tuneskit Mac And iPhone Data Recovery Review

Apple iTunes helps to connect iOS, macOS and Windows devices. Users can use recovery features in iTunes to fix devices when there are issues with the software. However, there are still no advanced features, including the data recovery option for the iPhone. Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery could recover lost or deleted files from the iPhone, without going through a difficult procedure or resetting the device. Once downloaded, it’s easy to install and configure this recovery tool. After you connect the iOS device with your computer, a pop-up window will pop-up on the iOS device and you need to tap the Trust button. This allows the computer to access the storage of your iOS device.

When using iOS devices, accidental deletion of data is fairly common and it’s where software like Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery is useful and comes in handy. It sets itself apart in fast scanning, fast recovery and ease of use. This tool is fast and incredibly easy. Here are highlights of Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery:

· Easy-to-use interface: The interface of this tool is user-friendly with a streamlined process to restore files. It takes only three steps to recover an accidentally deleted file in your iOS device. It’s not a problem, even if you have basic knowledge of using Windows or macOS computers.

· High success rate: Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery is based on mature process and technology. With many thousands of satisfied users, the likelihood is very high that you could recover your lost data.

· Free lifetime updates: Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery is a cost-effective tool that provides free lifetime updates. Because new versions of iOS and iTunes are regularly released, this tool needs to adapt to continue working perfectly.

· Complete, safe retrieval: When data is recovered, the tool doesn’t overwrite existing files and your existing files will be completely safe.

· Restore all kinds of data: Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery doesn’t only recover regular files, it could also retrieve twenty data types in your iOS devices, such as SMS, contact list, any type of file, photos, videos, iMessages, voice memos, Whatsapp messages, reminders, Safari bookmarks, calendar entries, and others.

· Recover from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backups: There’s a good chance that there’s a backup to your accidentally deleted files, available in three recovery modes. Loss data can be restored directly from the iPhone and the tool will check whether a duplicate in iTunes or iCloud backups.

After you install Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery on your Windows 10 or macOS computer, it will be an easy process to recover your files.

· Step 1: Make sure that the Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery tool is properly installed on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer. When the software is properly installed and configured, the tool should recognize the iOS device instantly.

· Step 2: Scan for deleted data. Remember that the more data you want to recover, the longer it would be to scan the storage. The scanning duration depends on the iPhone model and computer specs, the more powerful they are, the faster it would be to scan the storage. In general, it takes only a couple of minutes to scan your iPhone’s storage.

· Step 3: Choose the data to recover. After the scanning process is completed, you will be given a list of recoverable files and other data types. Choose file(s) or data type(s) that you want to recover and click on the Recover button. Depending on the number and size of data, it may take between one to a few minutes to completely recover your files. Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery won’t overwrite existing files, even if newly recovered files have identical names and extensions with existing ones.

Tuneskip iPhone Data Recovery is a good investment for iOS users who need to recover their crucial files and other data. Here are the current pricing options:

· Single license ($49.95): With this license, you can install and use a copy of the software on one iDevice for a lifetime.

· Family license ($69.95): With this license, family members can install and use copies of the software on up to five iDevices for a lifetime.

· Unlimited license ($359.95): It’s a suitable license for enterprise and business purposes. With this license, you can install and use copies of the software on unlimited iDevices for a lifetime.

Before investing in any type of license, you can download and install the trial version that can recover one file at a time for a limited trial period.