Xiaomi Will Release a Smartphone with 108MP Camera in a Few Years

In terms of features and specs, Xiaomi is ahead of many smartphone manufacturers in China. In June, analysts found hidden code inside the camera app of the latest MIUI, the proprietary Android user interface for Xiaomi smartphones. It hints that a future Xiaomi smartphone model will be the first device with 64MP ISOCELL camera from Samsung. The South Korean company announced its 64MP ISOCELL sensor in May and there’s a possibility that the phone will be available in the 4th quarter. This camera uses the Tetracell pixel-merging technology that could work amazingly well by taking very clear 16MP in low-light situations.

Xiaomi will take this one huge step further and they have confirmed that a future model will have a Samsung’s 108MP with an impressive 12032 x 9024 pixel resolutions. With 2X digital zoom, the sensor still manages to produce huge 27MP photographs. Today, most smartphone makers focus on adding multiple sensors for their camera to improve photographics results. Other than the primary sensor, there are usually zoom and ultra-wide sensors. Some devices have ToF sensors. However, Xiaomi will seek to impress by offering primary sensor with very high resolution. Although not yet confirmed, Xiaomi may also incorporate others sensors to further improve photographic results.

Google has been reluctant to add multiple sensors for their phone cameras. On the current Pixel devices, there’s only a single 12Mp primary sensor. However, it is likely that Pixel 4 will have multiple sensors for its camera. One Plus has introduced the OnePlus 7 Pro in the United States with 48MP rear-facing camera on the back. The future OnePlus model may have 64MP for even better photography results. We may expect a OnePlus smartphone with 64MP camera to be available in the 1st quarter of 2020. As for Xiaomi’s phone with 108MP sensor, we may need to wait until 2021 or 2022.