Social Media Batching Can Help Entrepreneurs Solve Distractions

Social media has become a part of the daily lives of people and mostly so for the business owners. They use this platform for their business promotion and brand awareness strategies and most of them are successful in it, provided they do it in the right way. However, using social media is not at all an easy task because a lot of factors and issues has to be taken into account and the challenges that it poses down the road needs to overcome.

One such issue that most of the businesses owners commonly face are the social media distractions. This affects their marketing strategies in a negative manner and needs to be resolved for better performance and results from social media. Batching happens to be the only way in which this serious issue can be solved without having to give up social media.

However, social media is not a bad thing always. After all, if you have a very strong and impactful presence on social media it will surely provide you with a lot of benefits. As an entrepreneur you can make the best use of social media because it is the most effective platform that will:

  • Getthe word out about you and your brand
  • Help you to reach out to millions of people instantly
  • Help you to establish a direct connection with your users presenting you as the thought leader
  • Give you an opportunity to get connected to the other influencers
  • Help you to get engaged with your audience quickly and in a far more comprehensive manner
  • Provide you with realtime feedback and comments on your products and services so that you can make necessary amendments in your strategies if required
  • Assist you in generating, converting and monitoring leads and
  • Help you to find similar entrepreneurial communities as yours for better support and suggestions.

Oops! The list seems to be never-ending, and it truly is. Looking at the list it may seem to be pretty impressive and tempting to use social media for the marketing programs. It is not impossible to guess why almost all business entrepreneurs use this platform for their marketing efforts either by their own or by taking help of experts in social media marketing such as Blastup and others if they are new to or ignorant about social media marketing.

Social media distractions

However, on the flip side, there are a few specific issues such as social media distractions that you have to deal with strongly and competently. This is because it can throw your business productivity and marketing efforts haywire.

Nevertheless, this is not an issue that cannot be handled. Typically as you start batching your social creations, you will be able to avoid such distractions and become more efficient and effective making your efforts more productive.

First, you will need to know what social media batching is so that you can use it for your business purpose in a better way. Typically, social media batching is:

  • Just a simple variation of the time management technique that has the same name, batching
  • It is familiar and known for its productivity hack
  • It is a process wherein you simply arrange all your tasks in set groups.

For example, if you want to check your mails then instead of checking them every time you can set things in such a way that you will receive timely notification. This will be sent just at the right time that you have set aside in your daily work schedule just to go through the mails in your inbox.

Otherwise, as a hands-off, you can turn off that “ding” and overlook the banners. Very soon you will not even see these except when you are on your slated timeframe.

Application of the concept

It is the same time management concept applicable to your social media productivity.

  • Spend some time on a specific day of the week two hours every Monday morning or whatever time is suitable for you
  • Create and curate all your social content for the week
  • Brainstorm your social content calendar with other members in your team for the year
  • Engage with influencers or your customers twice a day.

When you group similar tasks together, it will help you to avoid multitasking. This, in turn, will help you to avoid frequent distractions and you will finally find that such an approach will make you feel less stressed.

Most importantly, these times when set aside will give you a chance to structure your social media output and boost your productivity.

The benefits of social media batching

There are lots of benefits of social media batching that any self-disciplined entrepreneur can enjoy if they practice it more closely.

The most apparent benefit is that you will save a lot of time in the process. You will not have to reach for your phone each time you receive a notification. This will save a lot of time especially if you are not on one social channel only. Add to the time spent on social media, your business marketing efforts on platforms like the web, email and social will definitely add up time. Batching can help you achieve your business goals in a much better way as follows:

  • It will reduce the start-up and slow-down time as you will stay in the same time zone in your brain
  • It will simplify your social media campaign by breaking it up as per you requirement making it more manageable
  • It will improve your focus and you will be in a ‘flow state’ and
  • It will keep your social efforts more productive.

Therefore, get started with social media batching right now to set the ball rolling. Start brainstorming and drafting. This will help you to produce your own exclusive perspectives, collect quality content to share from and with others.

Decide the best way to batch by mixing it up here and there with different social media platforms and according to the topic. Schedule all social media updates for one day and emphasize other deeds for the rest of the week.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.