Ten Ways Smartphones Can Make Your Lives More Convenient

We often hear how a smartphone can make our lives easier and more convenient, but we don’t really know how this can be achieved. It’s true that smartphones are versatile, but you should know how to take full advantage of their functionality.

  • Set up reminders: In reality, many of us haven’t set up reminders in our phone. As an example, we may set the reminder, so we will sleep at 10 PM because we need to get prepared by 6 AM the next morning. Many of us forget or ignore small details in our lives, so any reminder app can be really helpful.
  • Seek information more efficiently: Most of the time, we use Google to get a specific detail of information. It’s better to find some websites that provide updated and relevant information for you. So, instead of scouring all over the Internet, you can go back to these websites. Bookmark these websites with the browser in your smartphone.
  • Open camera more quickly: Often, we need to quickly access the camera to snap fast-moving objects. However, it can be problematic if it’s too slow for you to open the camera. We often do that by unlocking the display and tapping the camera icon, which may cause us to lose a few precious seconds. Alternatively, you should find out whether your smartphone has shortcuts to directly open the camera. As an example, some Samsung smartphone models allow you to quickly activate the camera by double-clicking the Home button.
  • Navigate more efficiently: If you travel a lot, there’s a good chance that you will end up stuck on new areas. Instead of relying on your Map app real-time, you should spend about 15 minutes to study the route. When you pass through a complex intersection, a verbal command could be confusing, because you don’t know when you should make the turn. Check your route with Google Street View, so you won’t make the wrong turn. Also, Google Street View may choose a narrow path that barely accommodates your big SUV. With 5G in the UK rolling out to more and more cities it will be even more convenient to get around.
  • News and Weather: It’s easy to get the latest information about news and weather with your smartphone. Some news apps can be refined to provide notifications about specific topics. The weather app will also help you to manage daily activities. So, when it’s about to rain, you may need to postpone any outdoors activities.
  • Utilities: Your smartphones may come with various utilities that can make your lives easier, such as Alarms, Calculator and Flashlight. When you are stuck in dark places, you may forget that you can use your smartphones as a light source. Alarms will also alert you not only to wake up, but also to do some urgent things, such as starting one more task during your busy day.
  • Social media: Some people still access social media using the web browser on their device. If you use social media often, consider installing an app, which allows you to get quick notifications and respond to any post. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have dedicated apps that will enhance your social media experience. It will be much easier for you to connect with friends and family. It will be easier for you to organize any social event.
  • Email: If you use Android, your Gmail email is also activated. However, Gmail may not be your primary email account. If you have Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, AOL Mail or any other email provider as your primary account, you should install the dedicated app for your phone.
  • Notes: Sometimes, there some small details that you need to write down. Snippets of information that you get during the day could be crucial later. At the end of the day, you may re-organize your notes and manage your information. A smartphone comes with basic Notes app that you can use. If you record snippets of information often, you should download notes apps with more functionality, such as Evernote, which can be synced with various devices, including your laptop, which helps to improve your data management.
  • Entertainment: When it comes to entertainment, people often use their smartphones to play games, watch movies and play music. There are other entertainment values of our smartphones, such as reading eBooks and magazines.