Fitmeter Bike is One of the Best Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into a Bicycle Computer

Smartphones have revolutionized cycling. With more capability than the humble bicycle computer, the smartphone allows you to easily track and record rides, plan routes, keep on top of your training, and much more besides. That why we offer you this amazing app called Fitmeter Bike which is available for free & in a paid version.

From navigation to planning routes

From navigation to planning routes and fixing your bike, there’s something for everyone here. Fitmeter Bike will transform your iPhone/Ipad into a bicycle computer with amazing functionality. It is suitable for a wide user base, from amateurs to professionals. Every route you take it will be tracked with GPS and the data will be taken in real-time.

Tracks your health condition and showcases neat maps of your rides

What makes this app so special? Well, first you will be able to track all your session every time on a map.  It will display your current speed, the distance you had passed, duration of the sessions, average speed and much more. It will even track your health condition and heart rate with the health rate sensors.

But that’s not all, in the end, you can even share your sessions on the social network platforms like Facebook and display your exact ride from one place to another. At the end of the day, you will rarely find a better and more complete app for your biking sessions than Fitmeter Bike.