Huawei Significantly Upgrades the Mate X

After observing what’s happening with the preview units of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei decided to put the brakes on the immediate launch of its foldable device, the Mate X. This gives the Chinese smartphone maker about five months to perfect its foldable design. Huawei definitely wants to avoid doing the same mistakes that could cause bad publicity, especially if things go awry. It’s risky to play as pioneer and Huawei foresees potential problems as well. Judging by the early information of the updated Mate X, there are a few things that we could learn. Huawei takes steps to avoid having issues with the screen top layer and hinge. The upgraded Mate X also has better internals.

The preview unit comes with the greatest and latest hardware that Huawei has in its arsenal. Huawei’s Mate 30 and Pro models will be available this fall with new hardware, including the Kirin 990 SoC. So, it should make sense that the upgraded Mate X will available in October with relevant hardware as well.

On the photography front, the new Huawei Mate X has cameras that are in the same standard with the P30 Pro. With RYYB pixel matrix, the new Mate X should do wonder in low-light situations, although the arrangement may skew the color profile slightly. Not only that the device has better internal hardware, but it also offers different design concept. When folded, the new Mate X works like a standard big-screen smartphone. If users want to get more display space, they can open the device. As a comparison, the Galaxy Fold only has a small secondary display when folded. Unfortunately, with all the new hardware, better design and 5G data connectivity on top, the new Mate X is definitely more expensive than the Galaxy Fold. Also, with the ongoing trade war across the Pacific, there’s no chance for US consumers to obtain the new Mate X.