Features of Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note series are known for their S-Pen stylus. Still included with the latest models of Galaxy Note, S-Pen is no longer a simple capacitive pen. With Wacom technology, S-Pen can sense 4096 pressure levels, allowing users to sketch on the spacious display. The palm rejection feature also makes it easier to do sketching and handwriting.

  • Scribble on pictures: You can make scribbles on pictures or screenshots before sharing them. It’s much more precise to scribble with S-Pen than with your finger.
  • PenUP: Beginners and aspiring artists could use the PenUP app to learn to draw with the S-Pen. It’s easy to use and you need to follow the lines to complete a drawing.
  • AR Doodle: It’s arguable whether AR Doodle is a useful feature, but it’s impressive and fun. AR Doodle starts up the primary camera of the Galaxy Note and you can draw in the viewfinder. You may put doodles on a desk or on the floor. The app does a good job in ensuring that doodles will stay in place just like real objects.
  • Remote control: With the Note 9, the S-Pen got a big update with Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with the phone. Now, the pen can work as a remote as well. You can play or pause content on the phone with the button of the S-Pen. When using the Samsung browser, double press the S-Pen button to go forward and single press to go back. Plop the Note 10 on a tripod and you can use the S-Pen to start capturing picture or recording video.

Mouse pointer: When you hover the tip of the S-Pen on top of the Note 10 display, a small dot cursor will appear. It has the same property of the mouse pointer on a PC. It’s very useful for browsing the desktop version of the webpages.