Chess Puzzles Mixes Chess & Puzzles in a Fun Variation That Will Tease Your Mind

Chess is one of the oldest board games that people still play. You can play relaxing games with friends or you can engage with a very active competitive chess community. What’s really great about chess is that it’s easy to learn and difficult to master. So, for the ones who want to learn to play it, or the pros that want to test their skills, today we’ll cover a game that blends chess with puzzle challenges. We are talking about Chess Puzzles!

Basic Intro Chess Puzzles

Chess Puzzles! is an iOS iPhone & iPad chess game that blends puzzles challenges with the classic chess board game. Neatly organized in levels that are actually fun custom challenges, the game takes you on a real puzzle quest.

Great learning & skill training for beginners, a real challenge for pros

The game starts with “The Basics” and this is a great way to get into the whole gameplay of Chess Puzzles! Moving the chess pieces is easy with simple taps or dragging. As you progress through the harder levels “Getting Tougher” & “Medium Tough” you’ll see that this chess-puzzle game is a mind-teasing quest where you’ll need much more than just chess skills.

The cool thing is that the developer adds new levels, so if you passed everything (which we doubt you’ll ever do), you will get new challenges.

In this fun twist of the classic chess game, you need to show great sharp thinking and logic. If you want to train your brain, grow and test your chess puzzle skills, this is a great game! It’s free with extra in-app purchases