GeForce NOW Service is Available for Android Devices

Flagship Android devices are getting more powerful than ever, but they still don’t compare with dedicated gaming PC. But soon, Android users could run high-performance 3D games on their devices. NVIDIA has started to offer the GeForce NOW streaming service for Android devices. Initially, the streaming service will be available only to select Android smartphone models, starting later this year. NVIDIA has confirmed that GeForce NOW will be accessible using Samsung and LG flagship models. But, we could safely assume that more flagship models will be included. NVIDIA will launch the beta version of the GeForce NOW app and the company will continue to add new features and optimize the gaming experience.

GeForce NOW app for Android will support various Bluetooth gamepads, including SHIELD controller, Steelseries Stratus Duo, and Razer Raiju Mobile. Some games are unplayable without a gamepad, so it’s a necessity. GeForce Now will offer a catalog of PC games that can be played online using Android devices, including Fortnite, Fallout 76, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The GeForce Now service is now offering 500 games, but it is compatible with thousands of more games. However, you must own the game to play online. It’s possible to purchase games from the digital store and access them from GeForce Now service. You could download and play games locally. GeForce Now server network is located in Europe and North America. These servers run Nvidia Tesla graphics cards and users can receive streaming at 1080p resolution @60fps with their Android devices. However, Android users will require high-speed Wi-Fi access to avoid lags and high latency. NVIDIA is recommending 50Mbps Internet connection for 1080p/60fps streaming and 25Mbps for 720p/60fps streaming. For users with regular 10Mbps connections, it’s possible to play at 720p/30fps. GeForce NOW uses adaptive bitrate technology to automatically scale the streaming quality based on available bandwidth.