How to Remember All Those You Meet at Work Using Apps and Different Techniques

Finally, you’ve got your desired position! Probably you’re getting accustomed to your new office and environment. But you’ve already faced a little problem… Well, maybe it’s not that little because it influences your relationships with your colleagues. You can’t remember all those names and faces! Don’t be nervous! Slips in memory sometimes happen to everyone, especially when there is too much information to remember!

Good news! There are memory tricks which will help you to memorize faces and names. There are even apps for aiding you. We gladly share those useful tips.

Techniques to remember faces

Focus on a person. When you meet someone in the crowd, your brain doesn’t have time to remember a particular person. So, if you do need to remember somebody, try to meet him/her face-to-face.

Find something unusual in a person’s face. Do almost all faces look similar? Focus on the person you’re meeting and find something in his/her appearance that catches an eye. It may be anything from red hair to interesting shape of fingers.

Link face or appearance to a strange visual image. Create an association with a certain face. The stranger it is, the better. For example, a guy has got blue eyes. Imagine him somewhere in the ocean drifting in a boat with his blue eyes matching to the color of the water.

Techniques to remember names

Repeat a person’s name. When a person calls his/her name, make an eye-contact and repeat the name. Try to say it as often as possible during the conversation.

Create associations. Imagine Angela as an angel with wings, Barry as a berry in the garden, Gina is a genie in the lamp. It trains not only your memory but also creativity. When you’re talking to a person, make associations. The more creative they will be, the better.

Divide complex name into parts and visualize them. Ask a person to spell his/her name and imagine the parts of the name. Or break it down on your own. For example, Sarah Cutsburg, imagine Sara Jessica Parker is cutting a burger. Nice, isn’t it?

Imagine a name tag. Choose a “place” on the person where you locate this tag. For example, hang a big tag with a name on the person’s neck. This way, you’ll remember the appearance and the name because you visualize them.

Repeat the person’s name when you’re saying goodbye. Again, make eye contact with the person and say something like: “See you soon, Sarah!”. This way it’ll settle in your memory for a long time.

Write the names down. When you are at your desk, write all the names down and connect them with people. For example, “Gina, a secretary, tasty coffee”. Include as many details as you can. Also, add professional information (position, how it relates to your job, etc.).

If you can’t remember, ask. Nobody expects you’ll memorize all the names at the office immediately. So, feel free to ask. However, if you forget somebody’s name in a month, it might be a bit offensive.

Apps to use for memorizing people’s names

Are you still struggling to remember the names? Here are tools which hopefully help you to memorize them. In addition, it’s fun!

Namerick. It contains tricks to remember names. Type the name in and you’ll do lots of quizzes with this one. And it’ll stick to your memory.

Remember App. Type in the names and where you’ve met the people. When you come back to the location where you‘ve met those people, the app will remind them to you.

bytNotes. Thanks to this app you can create notes and connect them to your contacts. And when somebody is calling, you can see all the information you’ve typed in. So, it’s really easy to recall the necessary information about the person and start a dialogue.

Brainscape. It’s one more nice app to remember not only names but additional information about a person. You create flashcards, there is a name on the front and any kind of information on the back. Play and learn.

Such apps are a great support when you have to remember a lot of names and information for a short period of time. Plus, they train your memory.

Yes, memorizing names and faces is a big problem for many people. But with a little patience, diligence, and techniques listed above, you’ll definitely succeed.

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Good luck!