Top 5 Android Security Apps: The best Android Antivirus Protection

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. With cybercrime at its highest peak, it is crucial to secure your device with antivirus software. Android happens to be the most popular operating system on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. A rundown of reviews on the top android antivirus should help you choose a viable antivirus protection solution. Below are the top 5 best android antivirus apps you can rely on in 2019.


The TotalAV antivirus is best known for its strong suit in anti-phishing. The antivirus solution will protect you effectively from malware. One unique quality of employing TotalAV as your antivirus of choice is the fact that it offers real-time protection against all prevalent cyber-attacks. You don’t have to bother about running numerous scans to ensure your device is safe as any malware will be detected instantly. It also offers the added convenience of keeping your device tidy by managing apps and storage space. If you want in on the sweet deal the Total AV Antivirus has for android users without incurring a cost, you will be happy to know there is a trial version available for you to test out.


If you are looking for an affordable antivirus solution, TotalAV comes off in the on top in terms of security for your mobile device. It is the best antivirus for android users you want an antivirus that can perform numerous automated security functions effectively.


Norton Antivirus offers an irresistible deal for android users with a single subscription covering the protection needs of up to ten devices. Norton Antivirus is efficient for managing your device’s installed apps. It offers a sturdy protection solution against malware and web browser protection. It is an excellent overall solution for users concerned about their privacy as they can control the flow of calls and messages to their devices through the blocking features included. 


Norton Antivirus will be a suitable choice for users looking to protect multiple devices under one easily manageable security app. Privacy-conscious users will find the features satisfactory.


McAfee has an indispensable ability to root out malware using the deep scan feature. Also, you can rest assured that all the applications running on your device are under scrutiny for any malicious activity. It also has a strong presence in terms of web security, blocking suspicious site to protect the user’s interests. McAfee’s downside is its pricing and the absence of a free trial version. It also is taxing on the device’s resources.


McAfee has impressive capabilities in terms of scanning for threats. If you need active preventive security measures, this is an antivirus for you.


Bitdefender not only allows the user to limit access to the apps and accounts on their device but will also give anti-theft features to ensure your device is protected even when out of your possession. A VPN is also available at your disposal to maintain your privacy online. Bitdefender works as cloud-based software, meaning it is light on your device’s resources. You can provide antivirus protection for your wearable devices under the services Bitdefender supports. Unfortunately, the software has a somewhat limited trial version and requires credit card information to gain access to its services.


Those concerned with privacy features will find them in abundance in Bitdefender antivirus software for android.


Kaspersky is amongst the top android security apps available. There are several features that you can employ to guard your device against theft. These include the ability to track your device, lock it, and remotely delete all data. There is also web protection available to protect you from insecure sites. You will be able to scan your device for threats. A downside for Kaspersky is the slower than average speed its scans have. It is rather unfortunate that there is no trial version for keen android users to test out Kaspersky’s suitability to their needs.


If you are looking for a competent and straightforward antivirus that offers popular basic security features, you may find Kaspersky a reliable option.

The Takeaway

In 2019, you don’t need to be convinced that you need antivirus software. The right question to ask is: What is the best antivirus for me? You can learn more about antivirus software at

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