Google Officially Releases Android 10

Google has finally released the Android 10 as the latest major update of popular mobile operating system. With Android 10, Google stops using the dessert or confectionary code name for its latest major software update. We already knew about the major features of Android 10 since April. It’s easy to predict that Google Pixel devices will be the first to get the Android 10 update. In fact, the Android 10 update is available for the first, original Pixel to the Pixel 3/3a. Google confirms that other partner smartphone models will receive the same update by the end of the year, but there’s no detail about the manufacturing names and device models.

Android 10 offers plenty of new features:

  • Dark Mode: Android 10 offers a system-wide, built-in dark mode and it’s more than just a dark theme. It’s ideal when you use the device in low light conditions. The feature should also save battery life.
  • Sound amplifier: It’s an ideal feature for filtering background noise and enhancing the primary audio when users plug in the headphones. Even in noisy environments, you should be able to hear things more clearly. You can listen to music and watch your favourite YouTube channel on the go.
  • Smart Reply: Android 10 provides contextual actions from within the notifications. You can use smart replies for instant messages and text messages. When an address appears, you can open the map. You could do the whole process on the phone, so there shouldn’t be any privacy concern. Even so, you can disable this feature if you want.
  • Support for foldable smartphone design: Foldable devices haven’t made a strong impact among the consumers due to the limited options and high price. But, there’s a possibility that foldable design will be a future standard, even for mid-range and entry-level devices, once the technology has become mature.
  • Integrated support 5G connectivity: With close integration with 5G technology, developers can create games and apps that work with the fast data transfer of 5G.
  • Gesture navigation: This feature complements the standard navigation bar area. Games and apps can use the entire screen to provide enthralling user experience.

Android 10 promises faster security updates, adaptive battery improvements and focus mode that allows you to pause select apps temporarily. Users obtain numerous camera enhancements, faster apps startup times, more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and 65 new emojis.