iPhone 11 R May Appear on Geekbench Results

Apple will officially announce the iPhone 11 family soon and we already know about most of their key selling points and various minor upgrades over the iPhone X family. We still don’t know how Apple will brand the sequel of iPhone XR, which may have LCD panel with slightly lower quality than the successors of XS/XS Max. The more affordable iPhone device to be released this year could be named iPhone 11 R or it’s actually the basic iPhone 11, along with the more capable iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max that have triple lens imaging systems and high quality OLED displays While the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max share the powerful A12 Bionic SoC, it is expected that all new iPhone models in 2013 will have the more improved A13 SoC. Recently, a new device called iPhone 12,1 appears on benchmark. Although it’s clearly not an iPhone with A13 SoC, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not an iPhone X family device with A12 SoC.

Based on the Geekbench benchmark results, the apparently new device has slightly better single-core performance and no meaningful improvement of multi-core performance over the A12 SoC. Geekbench data show that the SoC has 6 cores and its two high performance cores run at 2.66GHz. As comparison, the two high-performance cores of A12 SoC runs at 2.49GHz. We know that TMSC will build the A13 SoC with 7nm processing, just like the A12. However, the A13 will be made using EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Litography), which should improve the overall energy efficiency of the SoC.

Another detail is that the iPhone 12,1 has 4GB of RAM, while the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max have only 3GB of RAM. There’s no official confirmation whether 2019 iPhone models will have more RAM, but iPhone devices are always known with fewer RAM, compared to their flagship Android competitors that have 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Synthetic benchmarks are not accurate representation of real world performance and there’s no confirmation that this benchmark result is legit either. But, if the device is really an iPhone 11 R, then it’s not much faster than iPhone XR/XS and XS Max. Last year’s iPhone models are already the fastest commercial smartphone models on the planet. Even so, Apple should be aware that Snapdragon 865 devices will be available as well and this SoC may be an entirely different beast.