Orient Men’s FER02005B0 Watch Review

There are many occasions that you might want to buy a wristwatch. It could be when you want to treat yourself maybe when you want to buy it for someone as a gift. Since a watch is rather an expensive item, we wouldn’t normally buy one for someone we are not close to. Considering that this is a gift for our loved one, we should do some research before buying one. This article is about the review of Orient Men’s FER02005B0.


Before we look at the watch, let’s talk about the brand first. This is a Japanese company whose focus is in the watch business. Orient was founded in 1901. The company has an established reputation and is recognized for being a quality watch producer for the international market since 1950. They are famous for their mechanical watches. Orient has never outsourced its work to other manufacturers because of its strict quality control policy. Right now, the company is considered to be one of the largest watch manufacturers in Japan. It produces more than two million watches annually.


Here are the reasons you should consider owning this watch:


• It has an automatic, self-winding movement. The movement is better than the one of a quartz watch.

• The watch is built with Japanese technology. This makes it a reliable and high-quality watch.

• The case diameter is 41.4mm. This is a good size for practicality.

• The color of the watch is mainly black. This is good for both casual and formal wear.

• The watch is designed to have an elegant touch.

• The dial is covered by a mineral crystal. This makes the watch both look good and be durable.

• Instead of having an hour hand, the watch has a rotating disk for telling the hour. This is very cool. You will not find this in other watches.

• The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters or 165 feet


Here are the reasons you should hold off your decision about buying this watch:


• In some countries, the Orient brand may be less recognizable. Many people may not know the brand. Orient is more famous in its domestic market than the international market.

• The price of the watch is rather high.


In conclusion, the watch would be a good gift either for you or someone else considering all the features and benefits the watch offers. Although the price tag of $340 (US) is not cheap, it offers enough goodies to justify the price tag. If you are looking for a good watch review, you can check out orient watches reviews.

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