Wake up Inspired With the Podcast Alarm App

I would never have thought about developing an alarm that wakes me up with a Podcast playing. But someone has decided it’s a good idea and my oh my, how right they are, it’s pure genius. It’s an alarm with a difference. Gone are the days when you wake up to the dreaded alarm sound that is so loud you have to keep hitting snooze. With Podcast alarm app, you can now wake up to inspiration by choosing whatever Podcast you’re into. So instead of hitting that snooze button, you can listen to an interesting discussion that will surely prepare you for the busy day ahead.

Podcast Alarm is a clever way to wake up and feel fresh. You can easily search for your favorite Podcast and add it to the queue. The queue view has the list of podcasts that have completed downloading in the queue. You can select a time and repeat schedule then press plus icon to set the alarm. You can set the app to download the next episode of the Podcast. The nightstand mode allows you to see what’s playing next.

Podcast Alarm is easy to use. Before you set an alarm you will have to download an episode or subscribe to a podcast. You just head to the “Discover” tab and start searching for your favorite Podcast. There are tonnes of Podcast to choose from and even if you’re new to Podcast then what better way to start listening. Podcast Alarm has got a number of features, you can search for any podcast or episode, compose a list of episodes you want to hear and even select the episode and time it should play.

Podcast Alarm cost $1.99 and available on the App Store.