Camera Features of iPhone 11

The basic iPhone 11 comes with one primary shooter and ultra-wide sensor on the back, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, also come with a primary lens, ultra-wide sensor and a zoom telephoto lens. It is clear that the iPhone family couldn’t perform well in dark environment. Finally, the iPhone 11 offers the Night Mode feature. This technology is based on the Smart HDR feature that recognizes objects and objects are brightened intelligently to show greater details, while keeping everything looking visually natural. One significant problem with low light photography is the excessive noise and artifacts. The iPhone 11 has Deep Fusion image processing system that optimizes noise, details and texture. Deep Fusion depends on the built-in Neural Engine technology inside the improved A13 Bionic processor.

Apple adds Portrait mode feature with the iPhone 7 and with the iPhone 11, it has improved a lot. Users can enable the Portrait mode with both telephoto and wide cameras, giving flexibility when choosing the subject framing. The depth-of-field implementation is also better, making the separation between the background and subject more accurate. The bokeh rendering also become smoother. Portrait photography is usually narrow and when wide-angle feature is added, it becomes quite interesting.

The telephoto sensor has bigger f/2.0 aperture could capture 40 percent more light, which is useful in areas with subtle lightning condition. Lighting adjustment could be made within the camera app to make objects appear clearer. Apple claims that with the iPhone 11, users can get the highest video quality possible in a smartphone. It’s a quite bold claim and we could put it to the test. The triple-camera arrangement of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max allows for 4k video recording, which includes cinematic video stabilization and extended dynamic range. The ultra wide sensor should be adequate for action-packed shooting with its large focal plane and wider field of view.

There’s also the Audio Zoom feature so the video frame can be matched with the audio to make the video feels more dynamic. The iOS 13 offers a collection of editing tools for video that allows users to apply filters to video, increase exposure, crop and rotate. It is easy to apply these adjustments and review everything at a glance. The smart HDR feature allows the front-facing shooter to capture 4k videos at up to 60fps with extended dynamic range. QuickTake is a convenient feature that allows you to quickly record videos directly from the Photo mode. Users could hold down the shutter button to record a video quickly.