Break those Bad Habits With the WillPower App

Time and time again we tend to develop some really bad habits, from smoking to eating unhealthy to not going to the gym. We tend to get trapped in these habits and they become a way of life. There are times you try your best to get rid of the bad habits, like setting a new years resolution. However, after a few months, you’re back to the old ways. I am one of those people that find it hard to break out the chains of bad habits, but all it takes is some Willpower. Easily said than done, but luckily there’s a very useful app appropriately name WillPower, that can help fight the bad habits.

WillPower app helps you break those bad habits and keep them far away. The app changes the way you think and improve your good habits with easy tasks. You can diminish those bad habits with unlimited guided and unguided meditation, relaxation techniques, easy daily tasks to let you forget and avoid temptations, calming music and thousands of medically proven advice from professionals to help destroy bad habits. It’s known that meditation is key in changing a person’s lifestyle. Calming yourself and taking your time to think puts you in a peaceful place, and this is what can make a difference in your life.

It’s scientifically proven that to change your lifestyle you need to train your mind to become stronger and this increases Willpower. All it takes is a few minutes out of your day to get you on the right track of improving your WillPower. You can track your progress and see what you need to improve on. The app starts by asking you how strong your WillPower is. You can choose from weak, average or strong. You then sign up with email or Facebook. Once you’ve signed up you will be greeted with your WillPower Orb, this is where your training will be done. The app then takes you through a tutorial, because there’s a lot to go through. Your progress is shown in a graph and chart which you can easily follow. There’s an advice tab that gives you information and helps you break the habits. The trainer menu is where you can train your breathing, sleep pattern and add affirmations or habits. There are so many features in the app and the user interface is amazing.

The app is free to download but that version is limited to what’s offered. For £54.99 per year or £9.49 per month, you can get the full version that unlocks all the features, such as unlimited relaxing music, unlimited meditations and much, much more. Grab WillPower and start improving your lifestyle.