The Best Sports Streaming Apps in 2019

Mobile devices are perfect tools to find just about any type of content, including sports-related one. Having a list of apps at your disposal is essential if you don’t want to miss the important sports games. Many of the Sports fans enjoy the exciting experience of placing a bet on their favorite team or on a specific game they are watching through the different streaming apps and sites. Usually, to be able to watch and to place a bet/read the different predictions, they will look for the best betting apps that can provide them with that experience without any effort. Some of these betting apps, contain live streaming of the games that you can bet on. So basically, while you watch the game you can place live bets and enjoy a very technologically advanced experience. Now, let’s start Reviewing these streaming apps. Streaming apps are simply better when it comes to watching your favorite sport. Here are the best apps that you could use:

YouTube: YouTube is the basic app for watching videos and it’s a standard app that comes with any smartphone. Many sports matches are streamed live on various channels and you can watch them for free. Just search for an ongoing match and it could be streamed live. Even if you can’t find the live streaming, the full match could be uploaded within hours after it’s completed.

CBS All Access: It’s an affordable service at $5.99 per month to access some popular sports channels, including CBS Sports channel. No Commercials plan is only $11.99 per month and you can get CBS original shows and various on-demand streaming content. CBS All Access app is available for iOS and Android, as well as smart TVs.

Dazn: Dazn is available for $19.99 per month and it is focused on fight sports. You can access popular channels to watch boxing, MMA and other fight matches. There are also other sports shows like gymnastics, fishing, cricket, and darts. There are no DVR features, but users can rewind and restart matches.

ESPN+: It’s not a replacement for the regular ESPN channel. However, with as little as $4.99 per month, you could watch many live sports events from PGA Tours, MLS, NHL, MLB, and numerous college sports leagues.

Hulu: Hulu is another popular app to find sports live streaming. For $44.99 per month, you could access various sports channels like NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, seven ESPN channels, and others.

Amazon Prime Video: It’s an affordable streaming app for only $8.99 per month. Other than the usual live streaming services from the usual sports channels, you can always watch Amazon’s original sports programs. As an added bonus, you can watch on-demand movies and TV shows in Amazon Prime network.

fuboTV: For $54.99 per month, fuboTV is a bit more expensive than the competition. You could watch streaming sessions from dozens of sports channels. T justify the cost, you could also watch various Discovery and Viacom channels as streaming or on-demand watching.

PlayStation Vue: The basic plan is $49.00 per month and it’s adequate for average sports fans. For more channel options, you can choose Access plan ($54.99) and Elite plan ($64.99 per month). You can play five simultaneous sports live streaming and record up to 500 TV shows.