The top 10 tips to buying an Audio Recorder

An audio recorder is an essential business tool to record conferences, meetings, lectures, or interviews. It can also be used to dictate memos or business letters which can save you time. Therefore, there are several characteristics you should look for in an audio recorder before you buy one. Some tips carry more weight than others but together, they help you find the ideal audio recorder. Here are ten tips you need to consider.


The price of an audio recorder varies from below $10 to more than $10,000. Numerous factors affect the price, and this includes battery life, additional features as well as the brand. Likewise, the price can be affected by the number of audio files the recorder supports. Before buying an audio recorder, first deliberate on its intended use, and you will be better placed to establish an appropriate price.

Battery life 

You should go for an audio recorder whose battery life is no less than 48 hours to ensure the device never dies while you are still recording. Some recorders use standard batteries, whereas others use rechargeable batteries. Each of these models has no downside and is just a matter of individual preference.

Adequate storage 

The available storage in your audio recorder determines the length of audio you can record before either deleting or transferring the files to your computer. Two different factors affect memory space, and these are the quality of the recording and the file type. Likewise, some recorders come with a removable memory card slot which offers you an unlimited capacity.

Convenient to carry 

Recorders come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, the size of this device is similar to that of a smartphone and weighs approximately a few ounces. However, models which incorporate additional features often are heavier and larger, others weighing more than 10 ounces.

The simplicity of sharing files 

You will most likely want to transfer the recorded files to a computer, and this is done through a USB connection. Also, before buying a recorder, Spycentre advises you first confirm whether the device is compatible with Apple and Windows computers. Some brands don’t feature a USB port and provide you with alternative ways of sharing files. Thus, always read the instructions before deciding to buy a recorder.

Audio quality 

Recording and audio quality affect the clarity of subsequent recordings. A higher bitrate and quality of the microphone also affect the recorded sound quality. A variable recording setting is integrated into some audio recorders meaning you can record the audio quality you wish with a press of a button.

Editing capabilities 

Most recorders incorporate editing capabilities as well as other features such as playback, review, and cue together with the primary functions. For the more advanced attributes like converging, deleting, and cutting files can be done by numerous computer programs.  

Recording time

Some audio recorders can record up to 1,000 hours. Nevertheless, you should not put much emphasis on recording time since the higher the sound quality, the lower the recording hours the gadget can deliver.


You need to consider the range of the audio recorder before you buy one. Thus, first consider the distance you expect your gadget to record the audio. If you are looking for a recorder that picks up sounds within a radius of 15 Ft, go for a model that has a bigger recording diameter as this picks up every sound.

Voice activation

Audio recorders which have this feature are incredibly convenient and save you a lot of hassle. Recorders with voice activation automatically start recording once they pick up any sound. Moreover, the device stops recording after an extended period of silence. To activate voice activation, you need to press the on/off button. Some recorders do not have this feature, therefore always read the instructions to confirm it is incorporated especially if this is a must-have attribute.