4 of the Best iPhone Apps for Businesses in 2019

In today’s technologically-enabled world, digital tools are essential for running and managing any successful business. In the past, these tools would have been bulky software systems installed on our office computers but now, as the technology has moved on, and handheld devices have become more advanced, these tools are increasingly available on our smartphones.

Our iPhone apps aren’t just for killing time and playing flappy bird outside of work anymore. These days, they can be used to help us manage our business tasks, communicate with employees, streamline our production process, and much more.

We’ve prepared a short list of the very best business apps in 2019 that can help you to run your business.

1. Katana MRP

Katana is a tool that helps with scheduling production, planning, and inventory management. It’s designed to help manufacturers to streamline their production processes and operations. It can help you to manage your team members, prioritize orders, track processes and raw materials, and much more with ease.

The easy-to-use, intuitive visual dashboard makes it easy to get a high-level overview of your operations and cuts out all the unnecessary clutter you find on many other production planning apps.

I guess I cheated a little bit here as Katana isn’t a smartphone app per se. Rather, it’s a cloud-based software solution that can be accessed on any internet-enabled device – including iPhones.

2. Quickbooks

Quickbooks has long been considered to be one of the best business accounting apps on the market. It’s a must-have for every small business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

The app makes it easy to manage your finances. You can create and send professional invoice from the app, track accounts payable and accounts receivable, generate reports, and do all the other basic accounting functions you might need to perform from one place.

You can even track your business expenses and upload photos of your receipts to the app to help you to complete your tax returns.

3. Google Calendar

When you’re running a business owner, your calendar can get a little confusing. With so many meetings and business events happening all the time, it’s easy to lose track. That’s why calendar apps are so important. Despite all the calendar apps on the market, we’ve found that Google Calendar is still one of the best.

The app syncs up with Gmail to automatically pull data from your emails and sync up events in real-time across the different platforms. The smart suggestions feature streamlines the scheduling process.

You can create reminders, set goals, connect with your staff or colleagues, and much more. It’s a great app, and here’s the best thing about Google Calendar – it’s free!

4. Mailchimp

Marketing is one of the most important parts of almost every type of business. If you’re running a business, the chances are you also have an email list of sales leads. Mailchimp can help you to make the most of those sales leads through effective email campaigns.

You can create your emails and schedule/automate your campaign from one dashboard on their iPhone app in minutes.