Making internet browsing more secure on your iPhone

If you’re currently using your iPhone for most of you web searches, perhaps it’s time to make sure you handle internetbrowsing in a secure manner. Malicious websites, sites that track your info and other issues can arise when you are negligentlybrowsing the internet. Because you can deal with various inconveniences, it’s simply better to max security from the start. 

So what can you do here? There are several options availablethat will allow you to obtain an improvement in this department. Here are some recommendations iPhone users should know:


Use a VPN when needed 

One of the first suggestions would be the usage of a VPN. Whenever you want your online activity to remain private, it’s simply better to have a VPN connection established instead of your usual Safari browsing. This will prevent your browsingdata from being recorded and will allow you to maintain anonymity. You can also unlock location-based services, and establish a secure Wi-Fi connection this way. You can access more info about VPN at Techshielder. 

Clear browser history and cookies 

If you don’t want to use private browsing or a VPN connection, but still want your cookies or browsing history to disappear, you can delete it by going to Safari’s ‘Clear History and Website Data’ button in the iPhone’s ‘Settings”. This will allow you to keep your web browsing activity to yourself. 

Activate Safari notifications for malicious websites 

Accessing a malicious website can trigger various issues to your phone, such as having your data stolen. Because sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a website is actually reliable or not, you should take further action and activate Safari’s notification for malicious websites. Move the ‘Fraudulent Website Warning’ slider in Safari settings on green. 

Turn on ‘Do not track’ 

Some websites might be able to track your location even if you haven’t given them permission. To prevent that from happening from now own, simply turn on the ‘Do not track’ function. This will limit the website’s ability to get a hold of your location when you’re browsing the page. 

Control how links are opened by adjusting Safari settings

Another idea would be to use Safari’s setting in order to control how your links are opened. You can choose between opening your links in the background or in a new window to the front, whatever option is more convenient for you. Go to ‘Settings’, then tap ‘Safari’ – ‘Open links’ and choose your preference. While not influencing security that much, it can make your webbrowsing experience better. 

Nowadays, the majority of smartphone users rarely use a desktop computer or a laptop to search for things online, their phone being the first and most convenient choice. As an iPhone user, you probably rely on Safari every single day to do your web browsing. Whether you are shopping online, reading a blog on a site somewhere or searching for information on a certain topic, you should make sure you’re benefiting from the level of security you desire. The pointers highlighted here can be useful in making your iPhone web browsing more secure.