Keeping your Phone Safe During the Holidays

These days, it’s hard to imagine life without our cell phones, especially during the holidays. A modern smartphone can find a range of solutions to a multitude of problems ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ can bring: be it used as a scheduling assistant to manage chaotic activities, or a camera to document those important family gatherings, the importance of this convenience is nothing to ‘phone in.’  

It’s all too often we take these advanced telephones’ capabilities for granted, not uncommon for a phone to be significantly damaged through common and avoidable accidents. While phone screen repair or similar services are often available, precautions should always be taken to prevent a mishap.

Fortunately, the best way to prevent phone damage is prevention itself, and this starts with recognizing situations or practices that may be inadvertently putting your phone in the shatter danger zone.  Consumer data shows the most common way people break their smartphones is by dropping them either on the ground or in liquid, with two-thirds of the water-related incidents reportedly involving the toilet. 

There are practically limitless ways to ruin a phone; phones falling from pockets, for instance, account for nearly half of all incidents. Logically, then, the solutions are to ensure your phone is well protected when it could be damaged–which, again, is any time.  Fretting about whether your phone is deep enough in a pocket or bag to prevent a casual collision from knocking it free. In any case, the safest place for any phone is in a well organized, secured container.

Even with an abundance of precaution, accidents occur, and needing to repair your phone is not unusual.  Phone repair shops are commonplace in many cities, with New York alone home to hundreds. Compared to the price of a new or replacement phone, repair also tends to be affordable enough that buying a new device is not always necessary. 

For example, on average, repairing the screen for an iPhone 8 runs $105. That said, if your phone breaks while attending Long Island halloween parties, you certainly have your choice in repair shop options. 

Of course, phone cases are not guaranteed to prevent damage in every scenario, but they are, nonetheless, a worthwhile investment since testing shows the likelihood of a phone breaking after a drop is far higher without the protection a case can offer. 

One method of smartphone case certification is through the use of what’s known as a drop test, where the person conducting the test drops the phone at varying heights to determine if the phone case meets certain durability standards. While technology has exponentially improved many products’ durability and quality, most phone cases are not waterproof, so, even with protection, remember to take care around liquids. 

Phones can fragile devices and should be treated with respect, but a phone’s longevity will indisputably benefit from the addition of a protective case, no matter what the cost. Furthermore, if or when this anticipatory approach fails to prevent a phone disaster, there are sometimes hundreds of solutions in the form of repair shops to be found in any given city. 

The bottom line is that even top-of-the-line phone cases can fail, which is why knowing its limits is important. The problems faced during the holidays can be daunting, but with proper precautions and effective equipment, things may not have to be such a close call this year!