Why the Night Mode of iPhone 11 is Quite Impressive?


It should come as no surprise that the iPhone 11 family has great camera features. The trend on improved night mode was started by Google Pixel with its Night Sight feature. It led to real advancement in low light photography across the smartphone industry. As always, Apple doesn’t want to bring anything half-baked and iPhone 11’s Night Mode is worth mentioning. With multiple exposures and various software-based optimization, the iPhone 11 could dramatically improve photo quality when taken in low light conditions. Comparison photos uploaded by users show impressive differences, with and without Night Mode feature.

Without Night Mode, it appears that the photo is taken in total darkness. By enabling the Night Mode, many details are clearly visible although the photo is still somewhat dim. Compared to the Night Sight feature of the Pixel 3, the iPhone 11 may not always measure up, but the results are still mind-blowing. It means that you could snap a photo in almost complete darkness and you will get decent results. One interesting thing about Night Mode is that Apple doesn’t try to make the night looks like a day. Instead, Apple embraces the fact it’s still a dark environment, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t see things more clearly.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max bring real differences with their triple-lens setup. It allows for an additional feature called “Capture Outside the Frame”. It’s made possible by the ultra-wide-angle sensor. Users can get a preview of what’s just outside the frame, so they could decide what to capture. With their enhanced hardware and features, both Pro models should live up to their name. For users who are serious about taking good photos, it should be a good time to upgrade, preferably to any of the Pro models, if their budget allows. Before the iPhone 11, Apple had quite serious catching up to do and the company finally achieves a huge leap in photographic performance. The Night mode feature and the additional ultra-wide-angle sensor should expand how Apple fans express themselves with their photos. With up to 512GB storage and five hours of extra battery life, it should be quite convenient to capture plenty of high-quality pictures and videos with iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max in a single trip.

Finally, Apple no longer falls far behind competitors like Google and Huawei.