Enjoy An Impressive Space Fighting Quest with Space Fighter 3

Space fighters have become a classic ever since they were first launched around 30 years ago on gaming consoles. Nowadays, you can also find them on mobile, of course with much better graphics, gameplay, and overall quality. To honor these amazing games and to offer you a great game, today we’ll cover Space Fighter 3 – super fun space shooting game.

Introduction – Space Fighter 3

Space Fighter 3 is a space shooter featuring numerous upgrades, weapons, enemies, bosses, leaderboards and top-notch artwork and graphics. In simple terms, it’s a must-try for mobile gaming aficionados that are looking for flying and shooting games.

Why we loved it?

The game features stunning graphics and simple controls that make it more enjoyable. There are numerous upgrades and shields, meaning you need to manage your credit smartly to create a powerful spaceship.

With a powerful spaceship, you will have the power to destroy enemies and bosses faster. And if you want to know the type of enemy you are facing, just tap on it and the game will give you info. In that way you will also know when it’s best to transform from mech to jet mode and vice versa.

Space Fighter 3 features a global leaderboard, so watch your stats and always try to improve if you want to increase your rankings.

Overall, Space Fighter 3 is a well-crafted and super-fun space shooter that we recommend to anyone looking for new fun on mobile.