Samsung Will Release World’s First 5G Tablet

The next milestone in 5G technology could be just right in the corner. While 5G technology is initially available for smartphones, the next natural step would be to introduce it to tablet users. 5G network is growing steadily around the world and users will get real-life benefits from this technology. Tablet owners should have access to 5G technology as well. Samsung is in good position to take the lead in the tablet market, when it comes to transitioning to 5G technology. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is currently available on four major US carriers. More recently, Samsung releases a non-flagship model, the Galaxy A90 with 5G technology. This marks the start of 5G availability for mid-range devices.

Samsung’s first 5G tablet will be the Galaxy Tab S6 5G. Most of the features and hardware specs should be similar to the 4G and WiFi only variants of the Tab S6. Of course, we could see some improvements other than the 5G connectivity. In fact, the Galaxy S10 5G is not just a standard S10 or S10+ with 5G connectivity added. It’s safe to assume that the Tab S6 5G will be available initially in South Korea, which has one of the most developed 5G network and market. The 5G variant of the Tab S6 was first spotted at the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance for are obligatory pre-launch certifications. Codenamed SM-T866N, this confirms the potential launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G this year.

It’s quite likely that the tablet will be available by the end of the year. Considering that the Wi-Fi only Tab S6 is already a powerhouse with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and it starts at a whopping $650 in the United States, we could have a fairly accurate prediction of how much the 5G-capable model would cost. It should also be more than $720, which is the cost for getting a 4G-capable Galaxy Tab S6. Major carriers are competing to roll out compatible devices for their new 5G networks. On the other hand, manufacturers should continue to churn out devices that support the nascent technology.

The 5G technology is available for mainstream use about a decade after the introduction of 4G LTE. With 5G network, users should get significant leap in data transfer. Latency should be much lower and users could connect with more devices. The first commercial launch of 5G technology took place in South Korea, followed by numerous countries later.